How To Choose The Best Hairdryer

Nowadays, there's a lot of hairdryers in the market that it's so easy to get confused which one to pick. They vary in price, size, weight, features and some come with raging reviews.

But what exactly makes a good hairdryer? Should you base your decision on the reviews, the price or your personal preference?
Whatever it is, let's go over the difference between the cost, the quality and of course, our personal preferences. We also need to consider the type of hair we have so we're not just jumping into the wagon only to find out that what you bought caused more damage to your hair or is not suitable for you.

First off, cheap versus expensive hairdryers. The main difference would be the technology used on the hair blowers. The higher the price, the better the technology which means less harm to your hair.

Why? Better technology not only take into account it's effectiveness, ease of use but also what it does to your hair. Professional hairdryers don't come cheap. As they say, if you want quality, you have to pay more for it. But then, there are stores that offer quality products at a discounted price. You just have to find them. With today's technology, finding them is not a huge feat. :)

Some hair dryers are still priced higher compared to their counterpart even at a discounted store. But then again, this is because of the technology used.

Most professionals invest on good hairdryers, you know, the hairdryer for pros. A good hairdryer is a crucial key in making sure that their clients get what they're paying for.

For customers or consumers like us, we also want to be able to blow dry our hair like a pro, be able to use the same kind of equipment and although we may not have the kind of skills professionals have, we want to at least be able to achieve the results we get after visiting our favorite salon. Being able to do this saves a lot of money and time, you know, the time it takes to book your reservation and the time it takes to sit down and let them do their magic.

Let's go over the type of hair dryers out there.

Ionic Hair Dryer

  • What exactly does Ionic mean? Well, an ion is a charged component that a chemical can be broken down into that can have a negative or positive charge. Science, right? Don't worry, it just an overview of the term. :D

Do you know that our hair has both negative and positively charged places on it? This helps certain hair care products work better. Since water is positive and ionic hair dryers emit negative ions that cause water molecules to divide into smaller particles, making it evaporate faster, which means, less frying time. Yes, the longer our hair stays under the hot air coming from our hair dryers means your frying them for a longer period of time.

This is what makes Ionic Hairdryers great as it lessens hair damage since they heat up faster compared to the traditional hair dryers out there. The ions also interact well with our hair styling products as it makes them work better and it's negative and positive relationship give an amazing result.

This is perfect for women on the go since it won't require a lot of time just to dry your hair and at the same time, won't damage your hair.

If you have thick curly, wavy or even straight hair, this type of hair dryer is good for you as it offers less drying time without damaging your hair and without the frizz that we usually get from traditional hair dryers. It's perfect for its all-around functionality. If you have thin hair though, we don't recommend this hairdryer for you as it could give you a limp and tired looking hair.

If you're using heat protecting products and has all the time in the world to wait for your hair to dry, then there's another type of hair dryer for you.

Ceramic or porcelain hair dryer.

  • This type of hairdryers uses ceramic heating elements to warm the air and create an even and controlled heat. It generates both positive and negative ions and the heat is regulated as the ceramic coils retain the heat even when not actively warmed. Its infrared heat penetrates the hair shaft and preserves the hair's natural moisture and luster.

This is great for women with weak, damaged and sensitive hair. It is ionic in nature so it also emits positive and negative ions.

Tourmaline hair dryer

  • Tourmaline is a mineral that generates negative ions when heated. Some Ionic Hair Dryers are made with Tourmaline. Since this is made of a rare gemstone, this type of hair dryers doesn't come cheap depending on the amount of gemstone used.

If you have oily or limp hair though, you should stay away from this type of hairdryer as its ability to smooth the hair shafts for a sleek finish will also encourage the oils to travel down the strands.

Titanium hair dryer

  • It dries hair faster with a steady temperature and it's lighter compared to the ceramic hair dryer which is its one huge advantage.

Now that we're done with the type of hairdryers available out there, we should also take note of the wattage. The higher the number, the less time you have to spend drying your hair. A higher number also means the more power it will consume. If your hairdryer consumes more electricity, well you know what that means.

We all have our preferences, our own favorite brands and our own deciding factors that we want to follow. Whatever they may be, we're sure one or two from our list is the one for you. :)

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