3D Fiberlash Mascara vs. Falsies vs. Eyelash Extensions

3D Fiberlash Mascara is dominating the market and has gained popularity since it came out.
With all the buzz about this latest beauty innovation, let's go over the difference between the 3D Fiberlash mascara and Falsies (we'll also include Eyelash Extensions since it's one of the most common remedies to achieve longer and thicker lashes). Which one is better, if not the best?

Fist stop, Falsies. False lashes or better known as falsies, are very popular especially now that you can choose the magnetic kind. Easier to use than the previous Falsies available in the market.
If you check online, you'll see a lot of tutorials on how to put Falsies correctly, the do's and don'ts and of course, some epic fail which we're sure all of us who tried using them went through, so we can definitely relate when we say it takes practice to get it perfectly done.
The best thing about Falsies is that the result is instant, you can choose the length and volume and when done properly, voila! Perfect and amazing lashes for any occasion!
Falsies can be used for up to a week, however, it's a must to take them off by the end of the day. Don't sleep with them, no matter how much you love them.

Falsies are very affordable and while it offers instant results, it's not for everybody. Not everyone has the patience to learn the technique needed to perfect its application. It's definitely not for women who are always on the go.
You will be working with adhesives, tweezers, and scissors when applying Falsies. Tweezers are used to position the Falsies and Scissors to, of course, get the length that you want. Just make sure that the length won't make it look unnatural and that they're the right size.
It also uses adhesives, yes, you need that so they stay in place and you need to find a good adhesive that will not irritate your eyes or make you feel uncomfortable. Some adhesives don't let the falsies stay in place so you might be surprised when you checked in the mirror and saw one of your falsies needing a touch up with the adhesive and you had no idea how long it's been like that, yikes!
Make sure that the adhesive dries off a bit before applying the falsies with the tweezers and most of all, precise positioning is important. If not done correctly, it could end up sitting right on your natural lashes (when it's time to take them off, bye bye natural lashes), the falsies can
end up facing downward like it's weighing down your eyelids instead of giving you that eye-popping, natural and amazing look or worst of all, one is slightly higher than the other when you zoomed out from the mirror. The last thing you need is uneven looking falsies.

Second stop, Eyelash Extensions. This has to be done by a professional if you want quality results. You can choose the length and volume and needs a good adhesive. Some reported having a negative reaction with the adhesive that was used on this procedure and it's important to have a good
discussion with the professional who will be doing this procedure on you to cover the basics. It's also highly recommended to go for someone with proven record instead of choosing the one who offers their service at a lower price. This procedure takes about 2-3 hours and usually needs advance booking. Once done, you need to follow the after-care procedures to ensure that the extensions last longer. We've seen some who failed to do this and lost a great deal of the extensions the following days after having the procedure.

Eyelash Extensions lasts for at least 2-3 months, depending on how well you follow the aftercare procedures. Of course, no matter how good you follow them, the extensions will still need regular maintenance. And every visit for maintenance means more money taken out of your wallet. While this doesn't require daily application, the procedure doesn't come cheap and if you will also
include the regular maintenance needed, well, they look good and natural, however, you have to keep on shelling out money to maintain the look.

And last but the least, the 3D Fiberlash Mascara. Package includes 2 tubes, one for the gel and 1 for the fibers. It's waterproof and offers length and volume with a one-time payment and the mascara will last for up to 3 months.
For first time users, they might find the 3 step application intimidating but once you understand how it works and gets the hang of it, it will become easy breezy for you.
A lot complains that the fibers are prone to flaking, however, the key is in the timing. We all know how to use a regular mascara, right? With the 3D Fiberlash Mascara, you just have to up your skills a bit. Just a bit of push to get it done correctly, no biggie.

When you apply the Fiberlash Mascara, start with the gel and then the fibers. Remember, if you applied the fibers when the gel has dried off, the fibers will not stick to your lashes, so timing is everything.
Once done and the fibers are attached, wait for them to dry off before applying the final coat of gel to seal the fibers. And that's it, you're good to go!

We all have our preferences between the three that were mentioned, and for Fiberlash enthusiasts, we all have our favorite brands, however, we can't deny that if we compare all three that are commonly used to achieve length and volume on our lashes in terms of cost and convenience, the Fiberlash Mascaras takes home the crown.

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